August/September Candles

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

When I’m waking up in the morning with a cup or coffee or relaxing in the evening with a cup of tea I love to light a candle.

It really isn’t so much the scents that I enjoy, but the tiny bit of light and flicker of the flame. Of course, a nice subtle scent is a major plus.

While I was staying with my mom this past summer we decided to order candles from the Bath and Body Works website. Their candles are really lovely. The scents fill the room, the labels are always pretty and the come with lids!


Recently I have been using these three tropical scents and they are about finished. Island Colada smells as the name suggests and is the strongest of the three. Passion Flower is a nice sweet smell. Aloha Waikiki is floral and light.

I’m looking forward to the autumn and winter scents!



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